Canada is one of the greatest countries to immigrate to, as defined by the massive 350,000 new applicants immigrating to the country. If you are planning to settle permanently in the maple country, then you have made a solid choice. Canada offers the best job opportunities, world class education, health care facilities and much more in its diverse multi-cultural society.

Before you embark on the journey to immigrate to Canada, make sure you are well-prepared for the same. If you are looking for a good immigration consultant, I would highly recommend you to go through the ICCRC members list which features some of best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada, through which you can choose the best suitable for you.

Here are 10 common Do’s and Don’ts you must keep in mind, while going through the process of immigrating to Canada.


Know your place. You should look for the following aspects once you land in Canada. canada pr process

a) Find accommodation.

b) Open a bank account.

c) Find a job.

d) Get a cell phone.

e) Get your Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Establish a network. You must develop a strong network to help you communicate with the society and in turn get better jobs and living. You can do so by joining social networking websites, online forums, seminars and workshops for immigrants. The more networks you have, the better the adjustment to a new country will be.
Learn the language. Canada has two major languages, English and French. You must be fluent in either one or both of them, to live in a place like Canada. Also, before immigrating, you need to take a language proficiency examination (IELTS), and get a qualifying score in either English or French, to be eligible for a Canada PR. You can get in touch with immigration consultants in Delhi to help you better prepare for the language proficiency examination.
Meet the job criterions. You must initially meet the eligibility criterion of the job you wish to apply in. Failure to meet the eligibility criterion may result in denial of your job application. Choose the job from the in-demand list that matches your work profile, and meet its prerequisites.

Present proper credentials. Canada is determined to keep its citizen safe from any sort of mishap. Especially while immigrants come to Canada, it ensures that travelers have the proper credential required to enter in the country. Providing proper documents can make your entry into the country, a hassle-free process. You can get in touch with immigration consultants in Delhi to help you with the documentation.

Don’t assume that the immigration process happens quickly. The Express Entry system, which is the fastest immigration pathway to Canada, takes around 4-5 months to process. The time for a visa approval depends individual on the immigration profile, place from where you have applied, place of submission, etc. Provide what is asked, and be patient.
Don’t provide false documents. You must never provide any sort of false information or documents while going through the process of immigration. Doing the same may result in delay of your application or you might get permanently banned from reapplying for Canada immigration. For safety reasons, it is recommended to take help from immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada.
Don’t arrive with insufficient funds. You must get sufficient funds that can help yourself initially establish in the country. For instance, if you have trouble finding a job, you need to have funds and resources that will support you until you find a job or settle.
Don’t commit citizenship fraud. The Canadian government has recently started to focus more on the citizenship frauds. If found guilty, you will instantly lose your citizenship, and will have to pay a fine of up to $100,000 or face imprisonment.
The process of Canada can sometimes, seem like a daunting task, because of its lengthy process. If you want to immigrate to Canada on your first attempt, you can do a research and take help from best immigration consultants in Delhi for Canada.