Frozen food consumption has always been met with skepticism. Often, we hear that frozen foods can be harmful to our health. Although recent studies from authorities such as the British Frozen Food Federation have helped in improving this perception.

Are frozen foods good for your health or are they harmful? Let’s discuss some of the common negative perceptions about frozen foods.

Nutrient Value

One of the most common negative perceptions about frozen foods is that they do not contain the same nutrients as fresh foods. A study conducted by the University of Georgia shows that frozen foods and vegetables contain the same nutrients as fresh foods. In fact, being in the frozen state prolongs the life and nutrient value of the food. Foods such as broccoli, beans, peas, cauliflowers, strawberries, blueberries and more have been tested. Many other factors were also taken into consideration when conducting this study such as the conditions in which they were grown and supply chain.

Frozen foods are likely to have more nutrient value especially vitamin A and Vitamin C because of the natural degradation that is likely to happen in the case of fresh foods in storage. There is a growing body of knowledge that is now supporting the nutritional value of frozen foods.

Marketing Strategies

Fresh Foods are often marketed for their nutritional value and although they may have significant nutritional value to the consumers. russian food direct, At large, people will remain uninformed about the benefits of frozen foods if frozen food suppliers do not exploit this opportunity and change their marketing strategies to promote frozen foods for their nutritional benefits. This is much easier for them to do now that there is research being done in this area.

People, in general, are becoming more and more conscious about what they eat. The promotion of diet and organic foods is growing, and people are drawn to purchasing such products. The re-branding of frozen foods as nutrient and beneficial to health is one way to increase their popularity among customers. Updating the packaging of products to read ‘frozen’ and ‘nutrient-rich’ will increase the value of these products to the people and in turn, increase the sales of frozen food.

Providing Options

Knowing that there are customers with different needs and interests is very important as wholesale food suppliers. It is beneficial to any business to provide customers with the options. Whether they prefer frozen foods or fresh food. Not only will this help increase sales in both categories, it will build the confidence of the customers in the utility they get from your brans.

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